7 Ways to Use Oak Beams

For a long time, oak trees have provided worthy raw materials for spectacular architectural designs of houses. Using oak beams is a big boost for anyone constructing or upgrading their home. Not only is it useful for home construction but it is also very relevant for office aesthetics. Whether you are putting up a roof, a wall or a floor, oak beams never disappoint.
So why should you consider using oak beams for your construction? Sample the different uses of oak beams:

1. Flooring
When constructing an oak house, the beams from oak trees are the best since they provide are strong and durable. In fact, with furnishing, you get the aesthetic feel and a touch of class.

2. Constructing strong doors
For secure doors, try using oak beams, they never disappoint. For hundreds of years, oak has proved resilient in door building owing to its strength. It is rare to hear of break-ins into houses that have oak doors. Maybe that is why most banks and stores use oak for guaranteed security of their doors.

3. Roofing and Pillars
The foundation of any building lies in the support pillars as well as the roof. Oak beams deliver on this front. Whether you live in areas with rampant storms or strong winds, these beams got you covered. Naturally, they are also resistant to insects such as beetles, so no need to worry about any impending destruction.

4. Furniture
How about your house or office furniture? The most preferred material for making durable furniture is oak. They are stylish and make your environment welcoming.

5. Cabinetmaking
Oak beams are the best alternative for steel cabinets. You can count on the beams to provide matching capabilities in terms of safety as compared to steel.

6. Vintage gates
Not only do oak beams make doors, they produce unrivalled gates as well. If you are tired of the commonality of metal gates, oak serves you well.

7. Extensions
To annex extensions outside your house, consider using oaks. The main reason is because they offer flexibility in terms of dimensions. Unlike steel which will require kilowatts of electricity to cut, oak beams are easier to size up.

In concluding, it is evident that oak beams help you piece together your home. Literally, the flexibility allows you utilize it in several ways. And what is for sure is that oak guarantees durability, strength and aesthetic beauty. Another good thing is that oak is readily available in the market. You can choose the green oak, the curves or the seasoned one based on your liking.