Choosing Between Gas Fireplace Ventless And Vented Gas Log

So, you are planning to add a gas log set to your home, but unsure of what to buy. To start with, you should know the difference between gas fireplace ventless and vented gas logs.


The Difference In Type Of Vent


Gas Fireplace Ventless


Choose ventless gas logs for your home if you are looking for a way to provide heat efficiently. When it comes to a ventless gas fireplace, there is no need to have a flue or chimney. This eliminates the need to do some renovation, which could add to your expenses.


It is possible to install the vent-free gas logs in a functional fireplace. By using this type of vent, you can heat your home effectively as the heat stays within the space.


It is important that the flame does not touch the logs to prevent carbon monoxide emissions. Make sure that when installing your gas fireplace ventless, it should be in accordance with the manufacturer.


The benefits of using a vent-free gas log include:


  •         It uses less fuel compared to its vented counterpart.


  •         You can install a ventless gas fireplace in a factory-made vent-free fireplace or in a functional wood-burning fireplace.


  •         It provides a greater output of heat, which can warm your house efficiently and fast.


  •         The fuel of a vent-free gas log burns completely, which is more eco-friendly as it produces less pollution.


Vented Gas Fireplace


These vented gas fireplaces give you a realistic flame. This is because the fire surrounds the logs as a real wood fire does. Also, their flames are much taller than the vent-free sets, adding to the realistic vibe.


However, a vented set comes with a risk factor as it releases carbon monoxide emissions. It should be vented through a chimney outside. This causes you to lose a lot of heat, considering that you need an open flue for this. It is also one of the reasons why some people choose a vented gas fireplace for decorative purposes only.


  •         The benefits of a vented gas fireplace include:


  •         The yellow flames from a vented gas fireplace increase realism.


  •         It comes with powerful flames in fine detail logs.


  •         It can use a working wood-burning fireplace.


Whether you choose a gas fireplace ventless or a vented gas log, make sure that it fits the needs of your home.