Design Forecast Of 2016 With New style Of Interior Design

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The year 2016 would be a great year for the interior designing industry. The Interior Design of houses gets changed according to the need of young generations. In this year people are more interested to paint their houses with warm and calming colors which are accompanied by natural textures and less furniture. People look for spacious and airy houses with vibrant colors in this modern era.

Rose Quartz and Serenity

The color authority of Pantone was surprised by the naming pattern of two colors for the 2016 edition of color for the year forecast. The combination of Rose Quartz and blue serenity may be the sweet selection of the year. The 2016 forecast was full of pale blue and dusty pinks enlivened with warm texture of metallic accents.

Design Detox

They offer the complete texture of color palette for enhancing the looks of houses. In 2016 some of the major brands moving towards the calming hues and quiet colors. One of the famous interior designers has reported that there is a growing need of simple color with modern textures. It shows the new beginning of a move away to warm stones from cold grays. The main specialty of today’s trend is giving comfort zone and balanced color shading.

Warm Metals

The color like rose gold, gold, copper, brass will be specially selected for bathroom and kitchen which will beinterior-design-828545_640 dominating colors of 2016. It can be paired easily with raw materials like wood and marble.

Customized Interior

In 2015 customer got the flexibility of choosing and buying the furniture online according to their choice. The same trend will be continued in the year 2016 as there is a growth of online buyers of furniture. They have catered a large number of online buyers all over the world.

The new furniture brands give freedom of selecting fabrics, sizes and configurations as per the need of individual space. Due to the focus is given to the customer’s requirement; they give complete access to the structure of the furniture as well.

Retro Touch

The technology is changing and moving towards the softening its edges from the past approach of hard lines. The Samsung TV is again going back to the twentieth century of stylized TV with I- shaped profile and magnetic fabric panel with the concealment of messy wires and plugs. It is the concept of flat TV screen which is packed in soft-edged carry case of leather.

ceiling-lamp-335975_640Tailored Materiality

Nowadays people are focusing on reducing furniture items in houses and offices too. The designers are using soothing colors with materiality in a workplace and create the calm environment to manage the office environment. Sometimes designers use everyday materials to design the furniture of office. It gives the personal touch and homely environment in the office. It is very helpful to make someone feel homely in his office itself. It also boosts up the productivity of business.

Much Functionality

The new concept of multifunctional furniture is liked by the young generations. It is very useful in saving the office space and give elegant look in the corporate companies.